Sunday, 11 December 2011

Long time no post.

Hey everyone its been almost a month since I posted anything... Been a fairly busy time so that's you'll have to forgive me.

That little drone concept art I showed before has been updated a little bit since the colour scheme changed.

Since then i've also finished the modelling and im onto the texturing stage.

The model is a very low polycount at only 55 polys on the entire model. This is because the actual drone in game is very small and attacks in packs meaning than high level detail topology isn't required. The majority of the detail is handed through texturing and normal mapping.

The current texture is shown below although there are still some changes to be made to it.

Let me know what you think :)

~ Nutter

Thursday, 17 November 2011


Its been a long break since I posted anything.. well at all.

So here's a quick update.

1. The Monster model i've been showing you all is no good and I have to re-do it.
2. My team project Idea is starting to take shape :)

Now check out this cool concept art I've drawn for one of the Units

Locust Drone (Rogue AI Faction)

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Making Monsters II

Hey Everyone

Been a week since I last blogged so I thought i'd do a quick post to let everyone know what ive been up to.

First off, we finally got the results back from our brick submission. I got an A for it, highest mark in the class apparently (which I was rather pleased about).

I've also made more progress with my monster, thus the post title. Most of the base body is modeled, the legs are attached and i'll be able to add the eye and mouth with relative ease. All that's left to do now is model the tail/back of the monster. Check it out below.

I'm looking forward to getting the model into Mudbox and making it look awesome :)

- Nutter

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Making Monsters

Hey everyone.

With my basic brick task out of the way its time to start on my main project. This was a pretty open specification and let us do pretty much whatever we wanted. Since I enjoy fiction and fantasy so much I originally decided to model a monster and a character who would hunting it. My 3D Lecturer then made my day by telling me to forget about the hunter and focus on monsters instead. (Humans are difficult to model correctly whereas fantasy monsters can't really be wrong)

This means I get to spend a good chunk of my University year doing what I enjoy, making monsters.

The process will be in 5 stages:

1. Draw/Design concept art for the monster(s).
2. Model a low poly version of the monster in 3D Studio Max.
3. Import the low poly model into Mudbox and create a high detailed one.
4. Create a Bump/Normal Map from this high detail one to use on the low poly version, this creates the impression of high detail without adding any extra polys making it suitable for use in game engines and animating it etc.
5. Texture the model to make it look pretty.

Obviously i'm doing multiple monsters so i'll be repeating the process but it should be fun.

In the mean time, here's a quick render of the monster's leg which i've made from a sketch I did the other day.

I think it looks pretty cool, what do you think? More importantly does it look realistic, i.e Would the leg be able to support itself?

- Nutter

Monday, 17 October 2011

A little delayed but...

Heres a brick.

Yeah i've been really busy lately and the blog has kinda suffered because of it.

Can't even do a proper post now since im in a tutorial session now.

Check out the brick, lemme know what you think.

- Nutter

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Ok I know I was supposed to be doing a brick, and I was going to. But then we started learning about mudbox (which is awesome by the way)

and well.. Heres a T-Rex

Now back to the boringness of brick making.

- Nutter

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Welcome to Advanced 3D Modelling, Heres a brick.

Hey Everyone

As the title hints at, that is pretty much the welcome I got when I started my Advanced 3D module now im back at Uni. Its not just any brick though. Its a London Red Fletton brick. Aside from now knowing that useless nugget of information that's my first task in the class, to model one

That's pretty much what they look like so we'll see how it goes. Hopefully i'll have a basic model to show you tomorrow then a textured and bump mapped one a little later on.

- Nutter

PS - I know this isn't really Flash Game development but i'm probably not going to have any free time to makr flash games for a loooong time and I don't really wanna leave the blog and forget about it so I figure i'll talk about my Uni Projects on here for a while.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Hey Everyone.

Aracnesis is released. As I mentioned in the previous post, its an old project done in AS2 and lets face it, its not my greatest game ever released. But I wouldn't expect it to be since its almost 3 years old now and I haven't made any improvements since then. Anyway if you want to see how bad I was at game development back in 2008/9 or you just want to kill a few minutes on a lunch break or something.

Check it out.


- Nutter

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Well isn't that a nice suprise.

I go out for a night out on friday night, wake up Saturday morning and someone has sponsored one of my old projects. And we're talking like 2009, AS2, Not even on the timeline Code old. I dig out the old file, dusted off the cobwebs and i'll tell you what. It was incredible to see how much ive improved in 2 years.

Trying to figure out where bits of code that did certain things were, was a nightmare. I used to be on the fence about OOP and AS3. But looking back at this has pushed me over.

How any beginner could hope to understand the code I have in this file is beyond me, I barely understand it. Making the few small changes for the sponsor has taken almost as long as it would take me to write a prototype game now.

On the other hand, it does mean you'll get to see one of my old (and was probably going to be unreleased projects), updated of course with my new logo and all the new shiny branding i'll come up with since I abandoned this project.

I'll tell you what though, i'm so glad I learnt AS3, because AS2 is so unintuitive looking back at it now.

Anyway you should be seeing the new (old) game "Aracnesis" pretty soon.

- Nutter

PS - Just remember its an old project and I have improved a lot since when you do see it.

Monday, 19 September 2011


Hey everyone.

I'm back from my holiday now. Brought a nice little bit of a tan back with me too. But more importantly (or atleast in terms of this blog) I also woke up at 4am one night whilst I was there and furiously scribbled down some code for something i've been stuck on for a while involving tower defense games. So who knows, you might see one of them at some point.

This week (apart from being my return from holiday) is also the week I restart University. Which may affect how often I update the blog (hopefully it won't). But if I have no free time to develop any games, kinda pointless updating the blog. Although I suppose I could talk about game related stuff from my course.

Anyway watch this space (unless I get swamped with work in which case go watch a different space)

- Nutter

Friday, 9 September 2011

The Emperor's Puzzlebox (Alpha Demo)

Hey everyone.

I've finally got a decent enough version of The Emperor's Puzzlebox to show off/let you all play

so check it out HERE and let me know what you think of it so far. Only 10 levels are available to play so far but it'll be enough to get a taste of the game and hopefully drag you into the story.

Have fun

- Nutter

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

TEPB Editor

Hey everyone,

So as much fun as typing numbers into a grid to create levels is. I decided to make a editor for my puzzlebox game. It makes designing levels a lot easier and quicker. And since its not exactly top secret I thought i'd let you guys take a look at it and even make a few puzzles if you want to. I can't promise they'll go into the game or anything but who knows if you invent a cool looking puzzle then it might just make it in.

You can check out the editor HERE and if you do make a puzzle,  feel free to put it in the comments below

To create a level:

1. Set up the grid to how you want the puzzle to start (i.e where all the tiles will be at the start of the puzzle)
2. Note down the blank tile number and note down the data shown in the output box (there must always be one blank tile for the puzzle to work, and only one)
3. Rearrange the grid to how the puzzle should look when it has been solved (Make sure you use the same number of each tile)
4. Note down the new data shown in the output box.
5. Comment all 3 pieces of data below in the comments so I can see your creation.

Have fun

- Nutter

Monday, 5 September 2011

Mini Troopers

Hey Everyone, this is just a short post

Not really about my own game development but more me wanting to show you something cool I found. This game Mini Troopers is a brower based game. I'd guess the fighting bit is handled in flash (if not it easily could be)

Basically you recruit your friends and create an army of mini troopers to fight people.

Its actually a really fun game. My own criticism would be the limit to how many fights/missions you can do per day. I think it would be much more fun if there was no limit.

Anyway if you're looking for a quick lunchbreak time killer (or a distraction to flash game development). Mini Troopers might just be it.

- Nutter

Friday, 2 September 2011

Persistent Puzzles

Hey everyone.

As I mentioned in my last post im currently working on a game idea involving a Puzzlebox, obviously as you get further into the game, the puzzles are going to get more and more complex. Meaning that you might not always be able to finish and puzzle and may have to leave/stop playing before you get chance. Which would be frustrating if you then had to start the puzzle over.

To help combat this, and to help make the game more casual and easier to get into. You will be able to save the state of the puzzle box at anytime. This means that by saving it, you can come back later and all the tiles will still be in the same places you left them, the time spent and moves taken will still be the same. Basically it'll be like you never left.

This will mean whether you're solving a puzzle in your lunchbreak and its time to go back to work, or you just had to close the window to hide the game from your boss (yes, we all do it), you won't lose your progress.

This is handled through the use of a shared object in flash (which means you'll still have to play the game on the same site to recover your progress). This works by storing data such as the current level, how much time you've spent playing and how many moves you've made as well as the all important information about how the tiles are set up into a small shared object file (Flash's equivalent of an internet cookie). Which is then re-loaded when you start up the game next time.

TL;DR: It saves your progress so you don't have to start over.

In the mean time here's another little teaser of the game.

- Nutter

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Wow 2 Weeks.

I knew i'd been busy and forgotten to upload anything on here but wow I didn't realise it had been that long.

Ok, so what have I been doing for the last 2 weeks.

Well, first of all i've carried on with the development of Atomizer Meltdown. Puzzle Mode is about 60% done (and the other 40% is just making levels and testing it all), Meltdown Mode is working and instructions are now included in game. I'm still very focused on the project but obviously i'm still distracted by life and other ideas which come to mind.

Speaking of which, more recently I've also started working on a prototype of another idea I had for a more casual story driven puzzle game which is currently called "The Emperor's Puzzlebox". The story is based around an impatient Prince who is desperate to take over the role of Emperor from his father.

Before he can do this however, he must first solve the Puzzlebox given to him by the Emperor. As the player completes the puzzles within the box, a new piece of the story is given as a reward meaning that as you progress, not only do you feel the Prince's success and often frustration and you solve the puzzles too. But you also find yourself desperate to solve the puzzles to hear how the story progresses.

For now i'll leave you with a little taster of some of the artwork for the Puzzlebox game and you can let me know what you think of it.

- Nutter

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Atomizer II (Puzzle Mode)

As I previously mentioned in an earlier post ive been working on a game which at the moment i'm calling Atomizer: Meltdown.

The last post focussed on the fast paced, surivival-esque Meltdown Mode. This post will focus on the puzzle mode. Whilst still almost as fast paced, puzzle mode should be a different experience from Meltdown mode.

(Note: All of the following is still work in progress and may/probably will change during development)

In puzzle mode, you will have a certain period of time to clear every atom on screen, unlike Meltdown Mode however extra atoms will not spawn and you will be penalised for making incorrect combos. The quicker you clear all the atoms, the more points you will score. Puzzle mode will be a collection of levels which get harder the further you play.

At the end of the levels or if you run out of a time during a puzzle, you will be able to submit your highscore and compare it to others. Unlike most story/puzzle/scenario based level systems, Puzzle mode in this game will have to be completed in a single play through (You can't for example play the first 5 levels, unlock the 6th then come back later). This is because Puzzle mode is intended to test your skill across the entire set of puzzles rather than letting you continue/replay the same level over and over.

In the mean time check out this quick teaser of Meltdown Mode in action.

~ Nutter

Thursday, 11 August 2011

New Stuff - Atomizer

Hey everyone.

So, apparently its been almost a week since I blogged anything. No idea where my time goes. Most of it has been working on a new project/prototype involving matching stuff and explosions. The Webby app has been put onto the backburner for a while since I was getting fed up with all the Facebook API stuff and just generally wasn't been very productive with it. I haven't given up on it, i'm just working on something else for a little while.

The new game is themed around nuclear fusion or atleast combining atoms. It'll have 2 game play modes, a puzzle mode where you have to clear all the atoms in a certain time period (probably 60 seconds per level) and Meltdown Mode.

Meltdown Mode is what i'm going to talk about here since right now its the mode that's most complete right now.

The idea itself is pretty simple, the game starts and you have 10 atoms randomly spawned on screen in various colours. (There are 4 main coloured atoms and a powerup atom - See below). Your job is to combine atoms by selecting one atom with a click, then selecting another with another click. If the colours match, they explode and you score points. If they don't match, they don't explode and you try again.

In Meltdown Mode, more atoms will spawn every 5 seconds, gradually over time filling the screen. You must combine atoms as quickly as possible to remove them before the reactor hits critical mass and explodes from the number of atoms on screen. This is where the Powerup atom comes in useful. When you combine it with a coloured atom, all atoms of that same colour will explode, giving you a big combo boost and a large points increase. In Meltdown Mode, it will also help you to avoid the game ending situation for a little longer.

The image above is what the atoms look like at this stage (they're animated in game though).

Let me know what you think, does it sound like a game you'd enjoy playing? More importanly does it sound fun?

- Nutter

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Webby App Preview

Hey all

As I mentioned in my previous post, i've been working on a Facebook app. Well here's a little preview of it.

Quite a few things have changed since Webby 3 (although im still using a few bits of placeholder art from Webby 3), in particular i've tweaked the way that a lot of the powerups work. I've also added the particle system mentioned earlier in the blog.

Anyway check it out and let me know how it plays.

Does anything seem unbalanced? found a bug? let me know.

~ Nutter

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Facebook API is Complicated!

Hey all,

I'm sure by now everyone has heard of or knows what Facebook is. Its probably the largest social network site in existence. As any of you who have visited the site will know, it has a very large app following whether these be games, fitness groups or whatever.

I thought i'd try my hand at joining this bandwagon by releasing an app of my own. A Facebook version of Webby. This however is much more difficult then I was expecting. The actual coding of the game is fairly simple. And even the server side PHP shouldn't be a problem.

What is turning out to be a problem is figuring out the Facebook API, or rather which version of the Facebook API I should be using, there seems to be around 10 or so different versions none of which work the same, and yet I can't find decent documentation for any of them.

It almost feels like Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook team are being deliberately difficult.

Still i'm sticking to it, I will figure out how to get this working and with any luck you'll see a Webby App soon.

- Nutter

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Particle Effects

Hey all,

A little task for you today (if you're willing that is, no gun to the head yet.) I've recently started working on a particle explosion manager. In each of the Webby games ive never really being happy with the effects when you collected a blast fly (purple or red flies) since they always seemed a little plain and boring. But I never figured out a decent particle system to handle it.

Now however, I have a working one. So the question is, which of the particle explosions look better for each effect (Remember, purple is a smaller blast than red).

Take a look at the effects here

And let me know in the comments below.



Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Bulldozer Bonanza (Adver-Games Pt 3)

I know i've made a few mentions of this before, but finally the game is released.

Commissioned, sponsored by (and starring) the guys over at Revival Developments, Bulldozer Bonanza has you driving a bulldozer around clearing weeds, flattening ground and generally doing whatever needs to be done so that they can build.

You can check out the game here on Newgrounds or Kongregate.

I tried to keep it fun and interesting whilst sticking closely to the brief. Let me know what you think


Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Blobbs 2 Editor

Hey all,

I'm not sure how many of you have played Blobbs 2 yet. (If you haven't, go check it out)

But one of the main features of the game is an editor which allows players to make their own levels and share them for others to play. So far there doesn't seem to be much interest in it which I think is a shame.

For those who don't understand how the editor works, check out this VIDEO which should make it a little clearer. Its pretty simple, and sharing levels is even easier. You just get a code from the editor. Share it with a friend and they pop it in and the editor loads their level ready to play.

Another bonus of course is that with the ability to share levels. If I see enough interest in people using the editor (and see some good levels of course), I could make a Player's Level Pack to showcase some of the awesome levels people have made.

In the mean time, check out this level which didn't make it into the game but is still one of my favourite ones just because it seems so simple but is secretly very tricky.


Feel free to post your own levels in the comments :)


PS - Those of you who have played it, thank you for your support :)

Monday, 11 July 2011

Blobbs 2 !!!!

Finally the secrecy can end.

Blobbs 2 is released!!! :D Yay!

Blobbs 2 is a game where you cause chain reactions by firing an initial pulse which hits blobbs, causing them to explode and hopefully explode other blobbs too.

It has 12 types of Blobb enemy to face (including 8 new ones), 40 levels of gameplay and an achievements system.

You can play it on Kongregate here.

Or on Newgrounds here

- Nutter

PS - Go play it.. Like now. And yes.. I'm excited

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Adver-Games Pt 2

Those who actually follow my blog may remember I was working on an Adver-Game for a local building company.

The deal was finalised today and they're happy with it.

Should be ready to make avaliable online soon. Yay! :)

In the time, here's a little taster

- Nutter

Sunday, 26 June 2011


Ok, remember that platformer prototype I was working on?

Well heres an actual playable version (sort of). You play as an adorable little furry creature which is collecting rings to prove its love to another of its species. Not that im suggesting females are only interested in money or anything (although the love interest in the game is clearly a gold digger)

The gameplay will be fairly simple, collect rings, avoid falling off the bottom of the screen and collect the emerald that appear at certain points to gain extra points.

You can then buy upgrades with the hoard of rings and submit your score to compete with other players. And of course see if you have enough rings to win the heart of the love interest. You can also customise lots of little visual things such as the colour of your fur, what the area you're playing in looks like, (and yes it'll probably have hats too), etc.

The hoard of rings you collect will only last for that particular game session but stats, visual changes and upgrades will be permanent meaning that you will be competing against other players on a daily basis as well as trying to beat your own personal best.

Anyway check out the latest version HERE and let me know what you think.

(One of the upgrades is Luck, which is your chance of a platform being created to catch you if you fall off screen, right now your luck is set at 0 so you'll always fall and right now there isn't a game over or anything so you'll just fall forever. So try not to fall!)

- Nutter

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Uni Results :D

Hey people, got my results for my second year of Uni today (Well yesterday) and im pretty pleased with them :)

Authoring - A (Its purely flash based so this wasn't so unexpected, expect to see my project for that released pretty soon)
3D Animation - B (Fluked this, not sure how I did so well coz its hardly my strongest subject)
Media Production - B (My team project module - Pretty pleased with this one, since we all worked hard on it)
Visual Studies - B (Bit of a surprise, wasn't sure how I was going to do on this one but I seem to have done ok)
Games Culture - C (Essay writing has never been my strong point but a C is still pretty good)

I'm also working on a new little platformer game. Check it out HERE (Arrow Keys or AWD to move around)
Its still an early prototype atm, but basically you'll be trying to avoid going off the screen and collecting something (possibly rings)

Saturday, 18 June 2011


My parents have finally gone on holiday and left me for a week :)

That probably seems like a bad deal to some of you.. why didn't I get taken on the holiday too? To be honest, i'm glad to have a week of peace and quiet rather than a week in the sun.

So why am I blogging about this? Well mainly because im very very happy about it but also because it means I have a week to work on flash development without interruptions (well unless my Xbox and things distract me)

- Nutter

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

XNA, Adver-games and other such distractions.

Hey guys,

Been over a week since I blogged... Doesn't feel like that long because ive been so busy but apparently it has. In that time ive had my entire room redecorated (took 2 days longer than it was meant to ¬_¬), began dabbling in a little XNA programming (Attempting to make a version of Webby) and continued work on what I hope will be my first ever adver-game.

For those who don't know what an adver-game is, its basically a game which is designed to advertise a product or service. Obviously a sponsored game advertises the site that sponsored it but in a more passive way (using splash screens and links), an adver-game on the other hand is much more active in advertising. It may use characters/objects in the game which are tied to the product being advertised for example.

Can't really say much more about what the game is about or who its for (its not a giant corporation before you get that idea haha), but like I said, if everything goes well it'll be my first ever adver-game.

- Nutter

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Webby 3 (And the other Webby Games)

This technically isn't a new game since I released it a few while ago, but i'd imagine most of you have never played it. So I'm going to talk about it anyway.

Webby 3 is obviously the 3 game in my Webby Series. The original Webby was the first flash game I ever made, Pretty much all the free time I had during my last year of highschool was devoted to the first Webby. Its not a great game by any means, and looking back it was far too difficult. But hey I was still learning.

Play Webby 1 Here

A while later, I decided to make a sequel to Webby, this used the same engine as the first and included a new enemy, new powerups and a load of different play modes. Using the same engine turned out to be a mistake as it meant that the code got very complicated, especially with different modes. I also added an extra character called Jodii, (which although not directly mentioned, was Webby's girlfriend). This didn't really turn out to be a great game either although it was much more popular than the first Webby Game.

Play Webby 2 Here

Eventually Webby 2 got popular enough that I decided to make a 3rd game in the series. By this point I had begun to learn AS3 and decided to start fresh with a new engine coded in AS3. This new engine allowed me to created a "story mode" as well as the classic arcade mode. I was able to add more new playable characters (bringing the roster to Webby, Jodii, and Webster as well as secret unlockable character Widow).

The new engine also allowed me to add boss battles, new enemies and lots of new fancier special effects to the game.

The 3rd game was once again more successful than the last 2 however didn't gain the wide exposure I would have liked. 

Play Webby 3 Here

So tell me readers, what do you think of the series so far?

Would you ever want to see a Webby 4?

- Nutter

Friday, 3 June 2011

So much for sleeping.

I had a feeling I wouldn't get chance to sleep.

Anyway, the contest is over, we didn't manage to get the game finished but that was never really the intention. We just tried to get as much done as possible and have something good to show. The judges were impressed by our game but not enough to award us with any prizes. They were in particular blown away by one game from a team in the year group below me who had created an outstanding game.

My team is hopefully planning to continue the game and finish it off. Who knows you might even see it one day.


Thursday, 2 June 2011

Final Day, Final Push

11 Hours sleep in the last 3 days.

My typing skills are now attrocious, not that its stopping me from writing big words that are easy to mispell or anything.

We now have around 8 hours left. (And im sat in an empty room on my own because no-one else is here yet)

Its starting toi take shape now, we have the character running around shooting, enemies are spawning. This is of course before I went home to sleep, the programmers stayed up much later so I expect even more will be done. Lets just hope we cna finish it and get it looking good.

- Nutter

PS - Don't expect any blogs tomorrow, i'm likely to sleep for the entire day (if people will leave me along long enough to sleep that long)

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Ducks... Ducks... Why Ducks?!?

So, Ive had 3 and half hours sleep, I so excuse any mistakes here coz can barely type. But I thought i'd show off a little more of the graphics im working on.

Space Ducks obviously. i'm quite pleased with how they're looking now. We have the normal duck, a blood covered one, the ducklings (swarm enemies) and a suicidal duck. You may question how a duck found tnt, strapped it to himself and is now sacrificing himself to kill you. But meh, if they found their way into space... must be pretty damn smart ducks.

Anyway check it out

Evil Duck Zombies.. In space

- Nutter

So... That would be why staying up til 4am is a bad idea.

9am now, contest doors opened at 8 again. Oops.. I swas sleepy =/

Ah well i'm here now.


Tuesday, 31 May 2011

In space, no-one can hear them quack.

Ducks in Space.. Not particuarly frightening right? Well until theres hordes of them and all you have is a small laser pistol and limited ammo.

Not bad for 3 hours work.

- Nutter

Ducks in Space!

The theme for Blind Panic is ducks in space?!?

Definitely wasn't expecting that but hey.. It'll be fun.

- Nutter

Monday, 30 May 2011

Blind Panicking about Blind Panic (and Rift Contest)

Hey guys,

Im just preparing for blind panic.. and ive suddenly realised I have no idea how to prepare for it. Literally no idea, should I be practicing sketches? drawing come generic concept art we could use? Looking up ways to code particles effects (Not that I should be doing too much programming with 2 programmers on the team but you never know)

How would you prepare for a contest where you don't know what you'll be making?

PS Rift - Design a Colossus Contest  on DeviantArt (Check it out!)

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Busy Busy Busy..

Hey all

Feels like forever since I posted on here but thats because i've been incredibly busy. My collab project is now nearly done (Yay!), Blind Panic is coming up so i've been preparing for that (well as much as I can without knowing what the theme will be).

Even found time to do a little writing and drawing :)

( if anyone is interested)


PS - if anyone can think of a really great game idea involving Growth. Lemme know.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Blind Panic?!?

Hey all

I know this isn't technically related to my flash game development (well not yet anyway), but this post is going to be about Blind Panic, a 32 hour speed development contest being run at my Uni. The rules are pretty simple, register a team of 4-5 people, turn up on the first day to find out the theme then develop a game based on that theme in 32 hours.

Should be pretty interesting. Even if we don't win, seeing everyone running around trying to get things done is always funny.

So wish me luck


Friday, 20 May 2011

Blobbs 2 - New Teaser Vid

Hey all

New teaser video for Blobbs 2, showing the first 20 levels. I was planning to play through each level without failing and look really good. But of course it didn't work out like that so excuse the (many many) fails.

Anyway Check It Out!


Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Soon as I start a contest entry...

You know how it goes, you start something then a million distractions come along to stop you finishing it.

Well the contest entry is on hold, I have something else to work on. Can't really say much about it since its artwork for someone else's game. But its a good enough reason to break off from the contest, lets just hope I have time to come back to it later


Saturday, 14 May 2011

Great balls of fire :D

Hey all,

Check out my first prototype for the contest


Any guesses what sorta game it'll be?

~ Nutter

Game in 10 Days Kontest On Kongregate

Firstly, yes I know I spent contest wrong.. Mortal Kombat can do it so why can't i?

This post is highlighting a not so well known contest that some of the developers run on the Kongregate Forums.

You have a theme for the contest (or in this case 2 themes, long story) and 10 days to develop a brand new game as your entry.

This week's theme(s) are Fire and/or Music. So any budding flash developers reading this. Get across to the Kongregate Forums and take a look at entering :)

~ Nutter

PS I'll probably post some stuff later about my own entry as I work on it.

Friday, 13 May 2011

Blobbs 2 Sneak Peek

Hey all.

I've been working on Blobbs 2 recently, started out as a project for my Authoring Module at Uni. But took on a life of its own and soon developed into a full game. 12 Blobb types (including 8 new ones), 40 Levels, Achievements, a Level Editor. Its the full deal this time round.

Not quite ready for release yet (Any sponsors looking at this, feel free to PM me for a link if you're interested in sponsorship) but heres a quick sneak peek :)

Blobbs 2 Teaser Video (Sorry for the screen getting cut off - Camtasia was being tempermental)


Hello World (Attempt 2)

Well I did set this up yesterday.. And I did put a hello world post. But it some how got lost with all the Blogger Maintenance and stuff. Ah well.

Take 2! Action!

Ok, so Hey!

Welcome to my new blog. It's going to be a place for me talk about my games, projects im working on (Read that as complain and moan about projects im working on), mention any good games I might play and of course, showcase my work. Hoping to get some stuff online about some of my old games soon. Probably Webby first.

Anyway, thats all for now (unless they lose my blog again! ¬_¬)