Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Making Monsters II

Hey Everyone

Been a week since I last blogged so I thought i'd do a quick post to let everyone know what ive been up to.

First off, we finally got the results back from our brick submission. I got an A for it, highest mark in the class apparently (which I was rather pleased about).

I've also made more progress with my monster, thus the post title. Most of the base body is modeled, the legs are attached and i'll be able to add the eye and mouth with relative ease. All that's left to do now is model the tail/back of the monster. Check it out below.

I'm looking forward to getting the model into Mudbox and making it look awesome :)

- Nutter

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Making Monsters

Hey everyone.

With my basic brick task out of the way its time to start on my main project. This was a pretty open specification and let us do pretty much whatever we wanted. Since I enjoy fiction and fantasy so much I originally decided to model a monster and a character who would hunting it. My 3D Lecturer then made my day by telling me to forget about the hunter and focus on monsters instead. (Humans are difficult to model correctly whereas fantasy monsters can't really be wrong)

This means I get to spend a good chunk of my University year doing what I enjoy, making monsters.

The process will be in 5 stages:

1. Draw/Design concept art for the monster(s).
2. Model a low poly version of the monster in 3D Studio Max.
3. Import the low poly model into Mudbox and create a high detailed one.
4. Create a Bump/Normal Map from this high detail one to use on the low poly version, this creates the impression of high detail without adding any extra polys making it suitable for use in game engines and animating it etc.
5. Texture the model to make it look pretty.

Obviously i'm doing multiple monsters so i'll be repeating the process but it should be fun.

In the mean time, here's a quick render of the monster's leg which i've made from a sketch I did the other day.

I think it looks pretty cool, what do you think? More importantly does it look realistic, i.e Would the leg be able to support itself?

- Nutter

Monday, 17 October 2011

A little delayed but...

Heres a brick.

Yeah i've been really busy lately and the blog has kinda suffered because of it.

Can't even do a proper post now since im in a tutorial session now.

Check out the brick, lemme know what you think.

- Nutter

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Ok I know I was supposed to be doing a brick, and I was going to. But then we started learning about mudbox (which is awesome by the way)

and well.. Heres a T-Rex

Now back to the boringness of brick making.

- Nutter

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Welcome to Advanced 3D Modelling, Heres a brick.

Hey Everyone

As the title hints at, that is pretty much the welcome I got when I started my Advanced 3D module now im back at Uni. Its not just any brick though. Its a London Red Fletton brick. Aside from now knowing that useless nugget of information that's my first task in the class, to model one

That's pretty much what they look like so we'll see how it goes. Hopefully i'll have a basic model to show you tomorrow then a textured and bump mapped one a little later on.

- Nutter

PS - I know this isn't really Flash Game development but i'm probably not going to have any free time to makr flash games for a loooong time and I don't really wanna leave the blog and forget about it so I figure i'll talk about my Uni Projects on here for a while.