Monday, 30 May 2011

Blind Panicking about Blind Panic (and Rift Contest)

Hey guys,

Im just preparing for blind panic.. and ive suddenly realised I have no idea how to prepare for it. Literally no idea, should I be practicing sketches? drawing come generic concept art we could use? Looking up ways to code particles effects (Not that I should be doing too much programming with 2 programmers on the team but you never know)

How would you prepare for a contest where you don't know what you'll be making?

PS Rift - Design a Colossus Contest  on DeviantArt (Check it out!)


  1. Wow bro, programming must be so frickin smart!

  2. Nah.. I know a little bit of actionscript. Luckily I have 2 programmer mates who are pretty smart. They'll be doing the programming. We and 2 other mates will be making stuff look pretty

  3. Awesome man, keep up the good effort! May be we can see you programming awesome stuff in the future!

  4. Awesome :D I'm digging this whole contest. It looks pretty neat.

    Make sure you win, btw!