Sunday, 26 June 2011


Ok, remember that platformer prototype I was working on?

Well heres an actual playable version (sort of). You play as an adorable little furry creature which is collecting rings to prove its love to another of its species. Not that im suggesting females are only interested in money or anything (although the love interest in the game is clearly a gold digger)

The gameplay will be fairly simple, collect rings, avoid falling off the bottom of the screen and collect the emerald that appear at certain points to gain extra points.

You can then buy upgrades with the hoard of rings and submit your score to compete with other players. And of course see if you have enough rings to win the heart of the love interest. You can also customise lots of little visual things such as the colour of your fur, what the area you're playing in looks like, (and yes it'll probably have hats too), etc.

The hoard of rings you collect will only last for that particular game session but stats, visual changes and upgrades will be permanent meaning that you will be competing against other players on a daily basis as well as trying to beat your own personal best.

Anyway check out the latest version HERE and let me know what you think.

(One of the upgrades is Luck, which is your chance of a platform being created to catch you if you fall off screen, right now your luck is set at 0 so you'll always fall and right now there isn't a game over or anything so you'll just fall forever. So try not to fall!)

- Nutter

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Uni Results :D

Hey people, got my results for my second year of Uni today (Well yesterday) and im pretty pleased with them :)

Authoring - A (Its purely flash based so this wasn't so unexpected, expect to see my project for that released pretty soon)
3D Animation - B (Fluked this, not sure how I did so well coz its hardly my strongest subject)
Media Production - B (My team project module - Pretty pleased with this one, since we all worked hard on it)
Visual Studies - B (Bit of a surprise, wasn't sure how I was going to do on this one but I seem to have done ok)
Games Culture - C (Essay writing has never been my strong point but a C is still pretty good)

I'm also working on a new little platformer game. Check it out HERE (Arrow Keys or AWD to move around)
Its still an early prototype atm, but basically you'll be trying to avoid going off the screen and collecting something (possibly rings)

Saturday, 18 June 2011


My parents have finally gone on holiday and left me for a week :)

That probably seems like a bad deal to some of you.. why didn't I get taken on the holiday too? To be honest, i'm glad to have a week of peace and quiet rather than a week in the sun.

So why am I blogging about this? Well mainly because im very very happy about it but also because it means I have a week to work on flash development without interruptions (well unless my Xbox and things distract me)

- Nutter

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

XNA, Adver-games and other such distractions.

Hey guys,

Been over a week since I blogged... Doesn't feel like that long because ive been so busy but apparently it has. In that time ive had my entire room redecorated (took 2 days longer than it was meant to ¬_¬), began dabbling in a little XNA programming (Attempting to make a version of Webby) and continued work on what I hope will be my first ever adver-game.

For those who don't know what an adver-game is, its basically a game which is designed to advertise a product or service. Obviously a sponsored game advertises the site that sponsored it but in a more passive way (using splash screens and links), an adver-game on the other hand is much more active in advertising. It may use characters/objects in the game which are tied to the product being advertised for example.

Can't really say much more about what the game is about or who its for (its not a giant corporation before you get that idea haha), but like I said, if everything goes well it'll be my first ever adver-game.

- Nutter

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Webby 3 (And the other Webby Games)

This technically isn't a new game since I released it a few while ago, but i'd imagine most of you have never played it. So I'm going to talk about it anyway.

Webby 3 is obviously the 3 game in my Webby Series. The original Webby was the first flash game I ever made, Pretty much all the free time I had during my last year of highschool was devoted to the first Webby. Its not a great game by any means, and looking back it was far too difficult. But hey I was still learning.

Play Webby 1 Here

A while later, I decided to make a sequel to Webby, this used the same engine as the first and included a new enemy, new powerups and a load of different play modes. Using the same engine turned out to be a mistake as it meant that the code got very complicated, especially with different modes. I also added an extra character called Jodii, (which although not directly mentioned, was Webby's girlfriend). This didn't really turn out to be a great game either although it was much more popular than the first Webby Game.

Play Webby 2 Here

Eventually Webby 2 got popular enough that I decided to make a 3rd game in the series. By this point I had begun to learn AS3 and decided to start fresh with a new engine coded in AS3. This new engine allowed me to created a "story mode" as well as the classic arcade mode. I was able to add more new playable characters (bringing the roster to Webby, Jodii, and Webster as well as secret unlockable character Widow).

The new engine also allowed me to add boss battles, new enemies and lots of new fancier special effects to the game.

The 3rd game was once again more successful than the last 2 however didn't gain the wide exposure I would have liked. 

Play Webby 3 Here

So tell me readers, what do you think of the series so far?

Would you ever want to see a Webby 4?

- Nutter

Friday, 3 June 2011

So much for sleeping.

I had a feeling I wouldn't get chance to sleep.

Anyway, the contest is over, we didn't manage to get the game finished but that was never really the intention. We just tried to get as much done as possible and have something good to show. The judges were impressed by our game but not enough to award us with any prizes. They were in particular blown away by one game from a team in the year group below me who had created an outstanding game.

My team is hopefully planning to continue the game and finish it off. Who knows you might even see it one day.


Thursday, 2 June 2011

Final Day, Final Push

11 Hours sleep in the last 3 days.

My typing skills are now attrocious, not that its stopping me from writing big words that are easy to mispell or anything.

We now have around 8 hours left. (And im sat in an empty room on my own because no-one else is here yet)

Its starting toi take shape now, we have the character running around shooting, enemies are spawning. This is of course before I went home to sleep, the programmers stayed up much later so I expect even more will be done. Lets just hope we cna finish it and get it looking good.

- Nutter

PS - Don't expect any blogs tomorrow, i'm likely to sleep for the entire day (if people will leave me along long enough to sleep that long)

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Ducks... Ducks... Why Ducks?!?

So, Ive had 3 and half hours sleep, I so excuse any mistakes here coz can barely type. But I thought i'd show off a little more of the graphics im working on.

Space Ducks obviously. i'm quite pleased with how they're looking now. We have the normal duck, a blood covered one, the ducklings (swarm enemies) and a suicidal duck. You may question how a duck found tnt, strapped it to himself and is now sacrificing himself to kill you. But meh, if they found their way into space... must be pretty damn smart ducks.

Anyway check it out

Evil Duck Zombies.. In space

- Nutter

So... That would be why staying up til 4am is a bad idea.

9am now, contest doors opened at 8 again. Oops.. I swas sleepy =/

Ah well i'm here now.