Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Uni Results :D

Hey people, got my results for my second year of Uni today (Well yesterday) and im pretty pleased with them :)

Authoring - A (Its purely flash based so this wasn't so unexpected, expect to see my project for that released pretty soon)
3D Animation - B (Fluked this, not sure how I did so well coz its hardly my strongest subject)
Media Production - B (My team project module - Pretty pleased with this one, since we all worked hard on it)
Visual Studies - B (Bit of a surprise, wasn't sure how I was going to do on this one but I seem to have done ok)
Games Culture - C (Essay writing has never been my strong point but a C is still pretty good)

I'm also working on a new little platformer game. Check it out HERE (Arrow Keys or AWD to move around)
Its still an early prototype atm, but basically you'll be trying to avoid going off the screen and collecting something (possibly rings)

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  1. Grats, I'm still waiting on two more of my results to find out if I've passed the year or not.