Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Ducks... Ducks... Why Ducks?!?

So, Ive had 3 and half hours sleep, I so excuse any mistakes here coz can barely type. But I thought i'd show off a little more of the graphics im working on.

Space Ducks obviously. i'm quite pleased with how they're looking now. We have the normal duck, a blood covered one, the ducklings (swarm enemies) and a suicidal duck. You may question how a duck found tnt, strapped it to himself and is now sacrificing himself to kill you. But meh, if they found their way into space... must be pretty damn smart ducks.

Anyway check it out

Evil Duck Zombies.. In space

- Nutter


  1. Haha, this looks great! I love how the ducks have evil red eyes.

  2. The animation looks quite good, and anything with ducks is always a plus.