Sunday, 26 June 2011


Ok, remember that platformer prototype I was working on?

Well heres an actual playable version (sort of). You play as an adorable little furry creature which is collecting rings to prove its love to another of its species. Not that im suggesting females are only interested in money or anything (although the love interest in the game is clearly a gold digger)

The gameplay will be fairly simple, collect rings, avoid falling off the bottom of the screen and collect the emerald that appear at certain points to gain extra points.

You can then buy upgrades with the hoard of rings and submit your score to compete with other players. And of course see if you have enough rings to win the heart of the love interest. You can also customise lots of little visual things such as the colour of your fur, what the area you're playing in looks like, (and yes it'll probably have hats too), etc.

The hoard of rings you collect will only last for that particular game session but stats, visual changes and upgrades will be permanent meaning that you will be competing against other players on a daily basis as well as trying to beat your own personal best.

Anyway check out the latest version HERE and let me know what you think.

(One of the upgrades is Luck, which is your chance of a platform being created to catch you if you fall off screen, right now your luck is set at 0 so you'll always fall and right now there isn't a game over or anything so you'll just fall forever. So try not to fall!)

- Nutter