Thursday, 2 June 2011

Final Day, Final Push

11 Hours sleep in the last 3 days.

My typing skills are now attrocious, not that its stopping me from writing big words that are easy to mispell or anything.

We now have around 8 hours left. (And im sat in an empty room on my own because no-one else is here yet)

Its starting toi take shape now, we have the character running around shooting, enemies are spawning. This is of course before I went home to sleep, the programmers stayed up much later so I expect even more will be done. Lets just hope we cna finish it and get it looking good.

- Nutter

PS - Don't expect any blogs tomorrow, i'm likely to sleep for the entire day (if people will leave me along long enough to sleep that long)


  1. 11 hours in 3 days really is too few.
    You should take a nap a little longer.

  2. I really should, but We only have today left in the contest, I can sleep for ages after that.

  3. You're going to make it man! :D