Monday, 11 July 2011

Blobbs 2 !!!!

Finally the secrecy can end.

Blobbs 2 is released!!! :D Yay!

Blobbs 2 is a game where you cause chain reactions by firing an initial pulse which hits blobbs, causing them to explode and hopefully explode other blobbs too.

It has 12 types of Blobb enemy to face (including 8 new ones), 40 levels of gameplay and an achievements system.

You can play it on Kongregate here.

Or on Newgrounds here

- Nutter

PS - Go play it.. Like now. And yes.. I'm excited


  1. Great game! I really enjoyed playing it during my study break!

  2. Great game! Thanks for cluing me in on this! Another follower for you!

  3. excellent game, great to play when your bored. You got another follower as well