Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Webby Character Artwork Redesign

Hey everyone, i'm in the process of redesigning/reworking some of the characters from the Webby series.

Don't worry i'm not touching Webby's classic cartoony look (atleast not yet...) but since the flies got a redesign for Webby 3 and the enemies haven't been touched since Webby 1 (or 2 in the case of Red Spiders) it's about time I took another look at them.

The original designs were very simple and cartoony which was partly down to the cartoony, unrealistic game style of webby (Bright blue Spiders, exploding red flies, you get the idea) but also partly down to my (then) inability do draw a realistic looking spider. Obviously now my art skills have improved so I can now draw a more realistic spider (whilst maintaining the "Webby Style")

I've started with the Black Spider and have 2 new designs, one is based very closely on the original Black Spider (with a more tarantula shaped body and few tweaks to it's eyes), whilst the other is closer to a Black Widow which was the original inspiration for the Black Spider. This is obviously quite a big change from how it used to look, and I can't decide which I like better.

Which is where you come in.

Check out the designs above and vote the in the poll (somehere on the right hand side) about which one you like better.

This is your chance to affect the future of the Webby characters and the series as a whole so make sure you vote.

- Nutter


  1. Even though I usually prefer the realistic looks over cartoonish designs, I'd say I would rather play the good ol' Classic Webby than a revamped version. At least for the character sprites, that is.
    - Caesar.

  2. new.... cracker

    Love from Fish

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