Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Hey everyone

It probably won't surprise people reading this to find out that my room and bags etc are filled with little doodles and sketches for various creatures, monsters and other random thing i'd love to make.

Now that i've handed in most of my work for my final year of Uni I thought i'd model one of them. The model shown below is based on a (tiny) sketch I did during one lecture last year. The model is obviously very low poly and the detail will be added Via a Normal Map created in Mudbox.
At around 1.2 K poly's right now it doesn't look all that impressive but the higher poly version in Mudbox that im working on looks much better. I'll upload a pic of that tomorrow hopefully. The really annoying thing is, ive made the base model in about a day, and the Mudbox high poly version looks almost better than the Monsters I created for my 3D module, I guess it really is easier second time round.

Its also semi based around the creature I created during my random concept art sketch HERE

- Nutter

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