Thursday, 11 August 2011

New Stuff - Atomizer

Hey everyone.

So, apparently its been almost a week since I blogged anything. No idea where my time goes. Most of it has been working on a new project/prototype involving matching stuff and explosions. The Webby app has been put onto the backburner for a while since I was getting fed up with all the Facebook API stuff and just generally wasn't been very productive with it. I haven't given up on it, i'm just working on something else for a little while.

The new game is themed around nuclear fusion or atleast combining atoms. It'll have 2 game play modes, a puzzle mode where you have to clear all the atoms in a certain time period (probably 60 seconds per level) and Meltdown Mode.

Meltdown Mode is what i'm going to talk about here since right now its the mode that's most complete right now.

The idea itself is pretty simple, the game starts and you have 10 atoms randomly spawned on screen in various colours. (There are 4 main coloured atoms and a powerup atom - See below). Your job is to combine atoms by selecting one atom with a click, then selecting another with another click. If the colours match, they explode and you score points. If they don't match, they don't explode and you try again.

In Meltdown Mode, more atoms will spawn every 5 seconds, gradually over time filling the screen. You must combine atoms as quickly as possible to remove them before the reactor hits critical mass and explodes from the number of atoms on screen. This is where the Powerup atom comes in useful. When you combine it with a coloured atom, all atoms of that same colour will explode, giving you a big combo boost and a large points increase. In Meltdown Mode, it will also help you to avoid the game ending situation for a little longer.

The image above is what the atoms look like at this stage (they're animated in game though).

Let me know what you think, does it sound like a game you'd enjoy playing? More importanly does it sound fun?

- Nutter


  1. Its looking good so far, followed.

  2. I'll have to check it out when it's done.

  3. It sounds a bit like Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo.. maybe that's just me.
    But yeah, might be intereting.

  4. Nice, looking forward to it +followed