Sunday, 14 August 2011

Atomizer II (Puzzle Mode)

As I previously mentioned in an earlier post ive been working on a game which at the moment i'm calling Atomizer: Meltdown.

The last post focussed on the fast paced, surivival-esque Meltdown Mode. This post will focus on the puzzle mode. Whilst still almost as fast paced, puzzle mode should be a different experience from Meltdown mode.

(Note: All of the following is still work in progress and may/probably will change during development)

In puzzle mode, you will have a certain period of time to clear every atom on screen, unlike Meltdown Mode however extra atoms will not spawn and you will be penalised for making incorrect combos. The quicker you clear all the atoms, the more points you will score. Puzzle mode will be a collection of levels which get harder the further you play.

At the end of the levels or if you run out of a time during a puzzle, you will be able to submit your highscore and compare it to others. Unlike most story/puzzle/scenario based level systems, Puzzle mode in this game will have to be completed in a single play through (You can't for example play the first 5 levels, unlock the 6th then come back later). This is because Puzzle mode is intended to test your skill across the entire set of puzzles rather than letting you continue/replay the same level over and over.

In the mean time check out this quick teaser of Meltdown Mode in action.

~ Nutter

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