Thursday, 4 August 2011

Webby App Preview

Hey all

As I mentioned in my previous post, i've been working on a Facebook app. Well here's a little preview of it.

Quite a few things have changed since Webby 3 (although im still using a few bits of placeholder art from Webby 3), in particular i've tweaked the way that a lot of the powerups work. I've also added the particle system mentioned earlier in the blog.

Anyway check it out and let me know how it plays.

Does anything seem unbalanced? found a bug? let me know.

~ Nutter


  1. looks good
    found no bug
    except for the spider
    bad joke... i know...

  2. Not bad, was a good time killer. The Instructions link didnt seem to do anything when i clicked it though. nice blog btw +followed

  3. I only scored 15 my first time. Very nice game!!

    Looking forward to updates on it,


  4. Looks awesome, you ever used Game Maker? +followed

  5. Seems like a good start and I hope I'm not too critical here. The game seems a little slow, potentially more red spiders sooner, not 100% sure what some of the powers did the lime on seemed to do nothing, and the yellow one sometimes allowed me to kill all the black spiders and sometimes I just lost a life, not sure why. Other than that I'm not sure the background is perfect, seems to draw the eye to much away from the actually gameplay.

    Looking forward to seeing this advance, followed.

  6. very good and addictive! +followed

  7. Very cool, thanks for sharing this

  8. looks good, still havent found any bugs