Tuesday, 28 February 2012

More totems

Hey everyone

Remember the neat little totems I made (and my team mate textured) for our team project?

This one.

Well we're now making a (mad) dash to try and get all the assets modeled for the end of the week. I've now finished my destroyed version of the units so i'm onto turrets. The original turret design was a pretty simple makeshift affair made of a few sticks and crystals. It looked like the one below.

Hardly something you'd expect to stand up to an onslaught of robots. After how good the waypoint totem turned out, we decided to make the turrets into towers which a similar style to the turret which is what ive been working on today.

So here it is... let me know what you think.

Tower Turret & Waypoint totem
Obviously it'll look a lot better after its been textured.

- Nutter

PS - An update on the monster tomorrow (now that its in mudbox)

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