Friday, 17 February 2012

Unwrapping: The secret art of making 3d models 200% more difficult to make

Hey everyone

As you may know i've been working on my 3d monster for a while and its starting to look pretty good. But finally I decided it was complete enough to go into mudbox and start adding details. This was great, this is the bit im looking forward... Just one  problem. I imported it in about to get started and Bam! I realised I still needed to unwrap my model. This is the process of flattening down a 3d model into a set of 2d shapes which can then be textured or whatever.

This was not an easy job in the case of my monster. Luckily I had (a lot) help from a wonderful program called UV Layout. It did crash a few times and get stuck a few times but that was more down to my inexperience with it than a fault with the program. Anyway after a lot of blood, sweat and tears (mostly tears and sweat) I've finally unwrapped it and can FINALLY take it into mudbox and start having fun with it.

This monster unwrapped becomes...

...this mass of shapes
You can see now why I don't like unwrapping organic stuff.

- Nutter

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