Saturday, 11 February 2012

Nameless (But hopefully not for too much longer)

Hey Everyone

As you all know im working on a squig like monster. But its not really a squig, thats just inspiration. So it needs a real name.

A name for the whole species if you will. Thats where you all come in... Got a cool idea for a species name?

Lets hear em, if I see one I like i'll might name them that, if there are a few i'll probably put it to a vote.

Please give me a name!

- Nutter


  1. fluffer nutter
    because everything else has been taken
    I honestly have an impossible time picking a decent company name, stuck on emerald cloud right now but even that sucks

  2. Snooki! BTW you've been tagged. Check out my Silicon Dreams blog for the rules. :)

  3. 'Báttor' - means four in Sardinian. (Corresponding to the eyes, horns and claws coming in sets of four)

    Or Fyra. Maybe I'm just not very good at this, I mean, my kitten is called Frodo :\

    GM x