Wednesday, 25 January 2012

And now for something entirely different.

Hey Everyone

Remember that 3D project i've been "working on" (read that as dragging my feet) for the law 6 months or so. Well I made some pretty good progress today.

The actual monster base model is coming on pretty well (not really worth posting a screenshot for though). What is worth showing off though is the Scene Base.

For those who haven't read about my project in any older posts i'm basically making a scene based loosely around the Warhammer Tabletop games. The Monster itself is inspired by a creature called a squig from it. Recently however I decided to take this idea further by creating a whole scene similar to how the figures are displayed within the game. Each model sits on a little decorated base. In the case of this however the base will be bigger and more detailed.

That's what i've created today. Modeled, detailed and textured all within about 4 hours.

Check it out in the huge (I rendered out a HD sized version so I could check out the texture detail) picture below.

Not the most impressive thing i've ever modeled by any means but i'm still pretty proud of the texture work. Let me know what you think, does the grass look real enough?

- Nutter