Tuesday, 24 January 2012

On Blackened Wings...

On blackened wings they came from the skies,
They fed on our families, our crops and our lies.
These winged beasts so black as night.
Left our world broken, charred, burnt into blight. 

They brought with them fire, they brought with them war.
And soon we were consumed and we were no more.
Their dark shadow growing, filling the sky.
Run from their grasp or you too will die.

And no, its not a dragon.. its something else. Not sure what yet but its definitely not a dragon. They're overused and certainly not the only flying winged beasts out there.

- Nutter

Oh and PS, anyone interested in making flash games and making a little cash on the side should really check out Mochimeda. Just got my latest payment from them today so I'm a very happy nutter right now.

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