Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Another boring tuesday

Hey Everyone

Today is my "day off" from Uni, which obviously means I get to relax and perhaps play a game or two or maybe even get to work on a game of my own right?

Nope. Hello Dissertation, I can see you over there in the corner like a big horrible monster waiting to pounce on me.

I really need some kind of speed development contest I can work on over  a weekend or something... I miss making games.

Anyway heres today's doodle. Enjoy

 Anyone recognise what game it's from?

- Nutter


  1. ahh i know ive seen something like this before, but i cant stick a name to it.

  2. Yeah Mik, any excuse to get out of doing this would be lovely haha.

  3. I have most definitely seen that in SOME game. It's at the tip of my tongue...

  4. I know for a fact that I've seen something like this before, maybe not, but it just looks so familiar.

  5. No idea, I only thought about Beholder from HoMM but it had no wings