Friday, 20 January 2012

A Slight problem

Hey everyone

Someone in the comments a few days ago suggested I take you all through the process of a hand drawn sketch, scanning it and cleaning it up digitally then using it in a digital painting or something.

Great Idea I thought, that'd be really cool. So I drew a few cool sketches for weapons and monsters and I was going to do a poll to see which one everyone prefered. But as with all great plans... Something went wrong.

RIP Mr Scanner.

So until I get him working again or (if only) I get a new one, looks like any hand drawn sketches won't be able to be scanned.

In the mean time.. here's a quick digital doodle for today.

- Nutter


  1. Im sorry for your scanner, maybe you can take the photos of your sketches?

  2. Ooh, get some scary vibes from this. Looks awesome!

  3. Sorry to hear about Mr. Scanner.