Monday, 19 September 2011


Hey everyone.

I'm back from my holiday now. Brought a nice little bit of a tan back with me too. But more importantly (or atleast in terms of this blog) I also woke up at 4am one night whilst I was there and furiously scribbled down some code for something i've been stuck on for a while involving tower defense games. So who knows, you might see one of them at some point.

This week (apart from being my return from holiday) is also the week I restart University. Which may affect how often I update the blog (hopefully it won't). But if I have no free time to develop any games, kinda pointless updating the blog. Although I suppose I could talk about game related stuff from my course.

Anyway watch this space (unless I get swamped with work in which case go watch a different space)

- Nutter

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