Sunday, 25 September 2011

Well isn't that a nice suprise.

I go out for a night out on friday night, wake up Saturday morning and someone has sponsored one of my old projects. And we're talking like 2009, AS2, Not even on the timeline Code old. I dig out the old file, dusted off the cobwebs and i'll tell you what. It was incredible to see how much ive improved in 2 years.

Trying to figure out where bits of code that did certain things were, was a nightmare. I used to be on the fence about OOP and AS3. But looking back at this has pushed me over.

How any beginner could hope to understand the code I have in this file is beyond me, I barely understand it. Making the few small changes for the sponsor has taken almost as long as it would take me to write a prototype game now.

On the other hand, it does mean you'll get to see one of my old (and was probably going to be unreleased projects), updated of course with my new logo and all the new shiny branding i'll come up with since I abandoned this project.

I'll tell you what though, i'm so glad I learnt AS3, because AS2 is so unintuitive looking back at it now.

Anyway you should be seeing the new (old) game "Aracnesis" pretty soon.

- Nutter

PS - Just remember its an old project and I have improved a lot since when you do see it.

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