Friday, 2 September 2011

Persistent Puzzles

Hey everyone.

As I mentioned in my last post im currently working on a game idea involving a Puzzlebox, obviously as you get further into the game, the puzzles are going to get more and more complex. Meaning that you might not always be able to finish and puzzle and may have to leave/stop playing before you get chance. Which would be frustrating if you then had to start the puzzle over.

To help combat this, and to help make the game more casual and easier to get into. You will be able to save the state of the puzzle box at anytime. This means that by saving it, you can come back later and all the tiles will still be in the same places you left them, the time spent and moves taken will still be the same. Basically it'll be like you never left.

This will mean whether you're solving a puzzle in your lunchbreak and its time to go back to work, or you just had to close the window to hide the game from your boss (yes, we all do it), you won't lose your progress.

This is handled through the use of a shared object in flash (which means you'll still have to play the game on the same site to recover your progress). This works by storing data such as the current level, how much time you've spent playing and how many moves you've made as well as the all important information about how the tiles are set up into a small shared object file (Flash's equivalent of an internet cookie). Which is then re-loaded when you start up the game next time.

TL;DR: It saves your progress so you don't have to start over.

In the mean time here's another little teaser of the game.

- Nutter


  1. Wish I had spare time to play... Gotta get back into studying!