Tuesday, 6 September 2011

TEPB Editor

Hey everyone,

So as much fun as typing numbers into a grid to create levels is. I decided to make a editor for my puzzlebox game. It makes designing levels a lot easier and quicker. And since its not exactly top secret I thought i'd let you guys take a look at it and even make a few puzzles if you want to. I can't promise they'll go into the game or anything but who knows if you invent a cool looking puzzle then it might just make it in.

You can check out the editor HERE and if you do make a puzzle,  feel free to put it in the comments below

To create a level:

1. Set up the grid to how you want the puzzle to start (i.e where all the tiles will be at the start of the puzzle)
2. Note down the blank tile number and note down the data shown in the output box (there must always be one blank tile for the puzzle to work, and only one)
3. Rearrange the grid to how the puzzle should look when it has been solved (Make sure you use the same number of each tile)
4. Note down the new data shown in the output box.
5. Comment all 3 pieces of data below in the comments so I can see your creation.

Have fun

- Nutter

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